Why a Pulse Oximeter is Important for High Endurance Athletes

Pulse oximetry is a measure of how much oxygen is in your blood.

People with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions, very young infants, individuals with some infections may benefit from pulse oximetry.

However, pulse oximeters are slowly making their appearance known in new locations – fitness centres and gyms.

The best part is that these Oximeters are not invasive, and easy to use at home.

The measurement taken by the device measures oxygen saturation, given as an exact percentage of the amount of hemoglobin that is saturated with oxygen at the time of the reading. Most healthy adults have an oxygen level of 97 to 99 percent. However, a reading that is over 92 percent is typically considered to be in the normal or safe range.

So, a pulse oximeter can reveal important information for athletes and amateurs alike when used during gym workouts as well as regular exercise.

Athletes may choose to utilize this as a tool during strenuous workouts. Endurance, speed, and efficiency are all important goals to any athlete, and maintaining an effective oxygen range can drastically improve one’s overall performance and help develop these components.

Using a pulse oximeter to monitor your oxygen levels while working out can help you make adjustments so that you are getting more equalized oxygen flow throughout your workout session.